A religious ranting on the topic of existence of a deity

So why not leap to ideas.

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Is Evolution a Dangerous Idea? If so, why?

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You May Be a Religious Zealot If

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I love religious practices did it in first language, but sadly they don't know much about Cultural religions in Scotland. You are not giving a society that has followed your college recommendation. The lifestyle "old" was used descriptively. Apr 14,  · Noted earlier few mistakes people tend to think about atheism so had to make new topic so those topics wouldn't derail and so here goes: unavocenorthernalabama.com is the most absurd thing I've read for a while in MMO.

I've even read someone mixing atheists with the _dick_tators from WW2 in some topic few weeks back. So just to point out few things to MMO-champs what atheism is NOT about: it is not Marxism. Atheists: No God, just whining Another topic that atheists beat like the hammer on the anvil in the old Anacin commercials is Darwinism versus creationism.

accuses the deity of being a. Mar 16,  · [quote="victrolatim, post:1, topic"] Anyhow, the individual was ranting about how religion is "child abuse" and how indoctrinating children and teaching them that "fables are facts" leads to closed-minded and weaker minded individuals who are prone to be taken advantage of.

There are some nuts ranting on YouTube and some clowns writing paperbacks. And sometimes, one side crosses a boundary in its claims. For example, when religious tenets make strong claims about the natural world (e.g., claiming that the world was created in six days, as some literal interpretations of the Bible might require), faith and.

However, within non-religious groups, it is reasonable to select a definition that fits the majority of the individuals in the group.

Atheists: No God, just whining

For r/DebateAnAtheist, the majority of people identify as agnostic or 'weak' atheists, that is, they lack a belief in a god. Feb 14,  · I am suggesting that belief about the existence or non-existence of a deity is in a different category to belief about the shape of the Earth, and arguing that equating the two types of beliefs is disingenuous at best.

A religious ranting on the topic of existence of a deity
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