Impetigo and topical fusidic acid essay

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Fusidic acid

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Fusidic acid cream for impetigo

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Impetigo

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Interventions for impetigo.

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Fusidic acid is Bacteriological evaluation recommended as the topical antibiotic of There were 49 pretreatment pathogens first choice in the Dutch College of General isolated from the evaluable patients in the Practitioners’ guidelines for the treatment two treatment groups; all forty-nine cases of impetigo.

been reported to occur with the use of topical fusidic acid. Extended or recurrent use may increase the risk of developing antibiotic resistance. Impetigo is very infectious, to prevent it spreading ensure patients use own flannels and towels and these should.

We conclude that topical fusidic acid cream is an effective treatment for impetigo, with very few side effects, and can be considered a first choice in the treatment of impetigo in general practice.

The value of sole or adjunctive treatment with povidone-iodine can be questioned. Topical fusidic acid has been used widely and has similar efficacy to other topical agents although a higher failure rate is seen with streptococcal infection.

Brown EM, Wise R. Fusidic acid cream for impetigo. Fusidic acid should be used with restraint. BMJ. ; Rare variant of impetigo caused by Staph.

aureus. Causes a disruption in desmosomal adhesion molecules with blister formation. tx: topical mupirocin and topical fusidic acid or oral abx.

Topical fusidic acid (sodium fusidate) and mupirocin have been compared previously in patients with superficial skin sepsi~.~.~ Collins et ~1.~ found that, overall, both antibiotics were of equal clinical efficacy.

Impetigo and topical fusidic acid essay
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